Leid mit ... Mitleid

for recorder and accordion (2014)

ca. 10'

In Leid mit ... Mitleid I tried to discover for myself the purpose of struggle, the meaning of empathy and pity, perseverance and weakness. What does struggle do to us and how do we deal with it? But also, how do I deal with struggle when I see it happening somewhere else, on the news, or even in my direct environment?

What do we feel and how do respond to those feelings, how should we respond?

As the struggle between the recorder and the accordion heats up, up to the point of true hopelessness and suffering, do we - the listener - emphasize, do we react or do we only spectate and ignore what misery we witness and for what reason?


Annotion to Leid mit ... Mitleid:

Compassion is when a strong man gives up some of his strenght to a weak man.
To show pity for others is to treat them with contempt.
Better to encourage them to face up to their difficulties and struggle against them as best they can.
— Nietzsche, F.
V. Van

Leid mit ... Mitleid was written for and premiered by Duo Soinua, with Francesca Clements and Erica Roozendaal.

Leid mit ... Mitleid
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