What I love most about being a composer is taking on challenging projects that broaden my musical perspective. I am constantly searching for new ways to compose or create sound. Over the course of my classical music studies I mastered the craft of composing in both traditional and experimental styles. Years of experimenting with synths and hardware electronics means that these instruments are now also part of my compositional sound palette. My musical endeavours include music for various ensembles and orchestras, involving (live-)electronics, film music, multimedia performances, collaborations with choreographers and visual artists.

I graduated from the Royal Conservatory in Brussels (2010) in music writing (BMus & MMus) and composition (BMus), and from the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2016) in composition (BMus) and composing for Film (MMus). Since 2014 I am active as a freelance composer, orchestrator and teacher at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2018), focussing mainly on music for film and TV, such as for The Treatment (2014), Pippa (2016), Control (2017), Charlie en Hannah gaan uit (2017, World Soundtrack Award for Best Original Score for a Belgian Production nomination) and Your Mother Should Know (2018).


What music in film does best, is to tell us what can not be said in words, pictures or sound. Music has the capacity to give new meaning to what is already on-screen, so that we as a viewer can connect on a deeper level to the story.

Although the work of a composer might seem like a one-man-job, I find working in a team a very inspiring and exciting process. I started my film scoring career as an orchestrator and music copyist, learning the trade but also collaborating very closely with composers from often completely different backgrounds than my own. This experience has taught me that as a modern film composer, I should have the know-how to write music in different styles, from different traditions. By teaming up with the right composers and musicians I can deliver the highest quality productions that can be found in the industry today.

Recent collaborations have been with Chrisnanne Wiegel, STILL Productions and the Musikpakt collective.