In Circles

for 5 celli (2014)

ca. 7'30"

In Circles was composed for Ensemble Five. The piece is a constant flow of recycled material through all five voices of the ensemble. Due to the unique setup of the ensemble the piece became a spacial experience.

Ensemble FIVE

Ensemble FIVE was an initiative of fellow composer Kieran Klaassen and myself where we coupled 10 composers to 5 cellists to create a concert filled with new music in a marvelous setting, designed by the dutch stage designer, Ilona Overweg.

In the process of organising the concert tour, we set up a crowdfunding campaign which succesfully reached it's goal...


My own composition for the ensemble was based on the principle of moving circles. Since the ensemble always playes whilst sitting in a circle,  the material moves between the players, generating a feeling of movement and space which is unique to the experience we tried to create with this ensemble. As a listener, you were encouraged to move around during the performance and experience different perspectives, from sitting far away to sitting in the middle of moving circles.

Recording of In Circles