An interactive musical installation for a speaker setup from at least 2 to maximum 192 speakers. (2014)

Chromatics is all about colours, visual and sounding colours. The changing of the color, which can be displayed on a screen, projected on a wall or warped into the space by others means, will be paired with a changing soundscape that matches the new colour. The changes itself could be automated to change randomly or could be controlled by the audience by simply changing the HSL (hue, saturation and brightness) and seeing (or hearing) the old one transform into the new.

In an attempt to bring visual and auditive colours together, I synthesised a series of soundscapes that will conform with the colour that is being projected in the space. Besides this, the listeners movement within the space will conduct a virtual recorder quintet that plays on top of the soundscape.

The images above are taken from the interactive version of the installation. It shows the display of the HSL controls and the color transformations.

A short example of the soundscape...